Wednesday, October 7, 2009

new portraits

Just finished "Lovebirds, too", of my wonderful son and daughter-in-law, Sky and Ginger. I love you both! The qult is fabric collage, cut freeform based on a contrast enhanced photo of a playful moment, with a bit of acrylic paint here and there.

My portrait class at Honey Run Quilters will allow students to do their own, either like this or from a traced and painted, or ink jet printed photo, with added quilting.

As in this quilt of the old woman. All will be explained- and everyone will have fun! I will also demonstrate using the computer to generate a usable Pattern for several of the techniques. Class will be evenings on November 17 and 19 in Chico at Honey Run Quilters- or book me for your venue!
The pelicans of "Sunset Roost" are off today to Pacific International Quilt Festival. I'll be there Sunday the 17th. Say hi if you see me!
I'm happy to report that we are adding another workshop in Israel in March. Please contact Shulamit Ron if you are interested, or leave a comment here and I'll have someone get back to you.

And one new painting, from rural-upscale Ferndale- a nicely contented cow


  1. These are so awesome!!! I wish I could come to a class!

  2. Stunning. Love the quilt of the elderly lady.

  3. First, I have to say I love your profile!!

    Second, Your talent far exceeds mine and I humbly bow to you! Your work is phenomenal!!

  4. I was his big admirer and his admirer for your works.
    I'm happy that I found you your blog .
    I walk many times yet to look at and to admire
    Marika Hungary is a loving embrace.

  5. They are lovely, I can tell that you are passionate about your fiber art and the care that you put into each piece is inspiring.