Monday, April 19, 2010

Paintings, quilts, a new toy, and goings on

It's been a busy month. A memorial in Ferndale (complete with snowstorm) featured Eva's Peace quilt and people from her whole life. Bill and an old pal stand in front of it. If you want one of her quilts, now's the time. I have them all and they are going fast.
My new Innova longarm machine is here, so I'll show you that half of the studio. As you can see, it's been approved by the cats (nice hammock).I get to learn in depth how to use it next month with a visit to St George Utah
This small quilt, "Feelin' the Beat" was made for our Textile Abstractions group's music challenge. Check out the Textile Abstractions blog to see everyone's work.
Two more quilts, but can't publish them yet. Stay tuned.
Oil paintings, though. A portrait called The Purple Hat, and the first of the Israel series,  Sfat: the Blue Door.

And a lot of (mostly medical related) travelling (but at least I'm going in style! Stretch limo!)
See you soon