Monday, June 17, 2013

New faces

Well, at least interpreted a bit differently
 Playing with new media is a challenge, and lets you see things in a new light. I was going to create Yitzhak Perelman's face dreamily playing his violin in my usual collage technique, but while I was in Mary Pal's workshop in Santa Fe  I got inspired to make him in cheesecloth. Here he is. And  even more respect for Mary's control of this medium!

The old lady was her class project. The cheesecloth is soaked
in glue then mooshed around to form it into values.


                                                      Still playing with collaged faces, I decided to go for a pop art sort of    look for Deborah. My sister has a good sense of humor so I don't think she'll mind.

A  few detours just for fun. I taught a class in polymer clay last week. Beads and buttons and flowers and mixed media embellishments  bring back memories of jewelry making years ago, although I still do dabble in seed beed weaving, knitting etc. we had fun. I'll probably explore this medium more as well'


Another heavily textured fantasy piece is now done as well. "Shrooms " is pure playtime too, since I need to use  my huge collections of   fancy threads, yarns, dyed cheesecloth,  laces, angelina fibers, novelty fabrics, lames, and hand dyes

And then back to the family album. I am working on Alani with one of her three boxers. A rare glimpse here into a work in progresss, to show how these evolve. The first layers are  collaged here, with lots of bits and pieces sure to be added, and then the whole thing to be thread painted. I guess the portraits are my main "voice,", but, then, I think we can be multilingual, so I am working on another stained glass piece, another textured piece, and even a randomly pieced abstract. Don't fence me in!
Lots of visitors recently, so I was not in my studio much, so haven't posted in awhile

For my painter friends, this is my oil painting of one of my favorite local sites, Laupahoehoe Point.  I definitely want to get out and paint more too.
I do get to stay on the island for the next month and a half, so maybe I will get to work on that stack of ideas in my sketch books?

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