Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Website!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

SAQA in Hawaii

SAQA will be live and thrive in Hawaii,
Detail of My Girl
 or at least I'll try my best! Our September meeting had to be postponed from the 7th to the 28th (coming up next weekend, so you still have time. Don't miss it!)  We have some new members, and hopefully our snowbirds will return ready to go.  I just got back from meeting with a group of fiber artists on Maui, hosted by Kathleen, and it looks like we may have some SAQA interest there. Some talented people, with interesting jobs. A fabric designer for Michael Miller, some fabric painters and creators of custom painted clothing, and a delightful quilt artist named Nancy Meyer who was my hostess for two days. We had a terrific time travelling around the island and hitting the galleries.
Tomorrow I fly to Oahu, and will give a lecture to the quilt guild in Honolulu about Art Principles for Quilters. Of course, I'm also going to tell them all about SAQA, and encourage them to join us. And also, m,aybe get some of them to sign up for the photoshop retreat in February.
 Meanwhile I'm still having fun with the improvisational piecing, even made a BED quilt with it (gasp).  I had some enthusiastic students in Kona when I taught a class on that at the end of August
Improvisational  Tropical Bed Quilt
A little piano bench cover for Sophie, with painted giraffes. Otherwise, being sick has really limited my  studio time and efforts
We have houseguests coming October 1, and I leave the 16th for California. I'll get to go to PIQF, where My Girl and 'Shrooms will be hanging, then spend time with the kids until IQA Houston, where I'll get to take part in some SAQA activities, and see my quilts hanging in several exhibits (  SAQA's  Text Messaging, West Coast Wonders ( two of my stained glass pieces, Tributary and my wild pelicans), the Israeli Quilters' Association's exhibit, The Many Faces of Jerusalem, and SAQA's auction  (Opake). If you're going to be at either show, let me know and we'll meet up!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Too much fun!
Mary's owl
We are making fiberart here in the studio. Next time I will get more photos from the other students, but Mary A came back with her newest work finished and you can see for yourself what cool stuff she is doing with the stained glass technique and with the mixed media . Her rhododendron garden, based on my oil painting, uses snippets, dyed cheesecloth, Shiva oil sticks, and tulle overlays with raw edge applique, all done in my class here at the studio. She did the owl herself, after taking my class.

 I am continuing to experiment with cheesecloth, (although I have used it before : notice what nice ocean foam it made in my penguin piece), I love how quickly you can build up a nice soft bird with it. This pelican was derived from my oil painting, but he really comes to life with all the cheesecloth texture. The cheesecloth is painted with acrylic inks.

snippets scene
This s little piece was done from the trimmings of my improvisational pieced "Urban Renewal". Snippets dropped like oil painting dabs and a few slivers turned in certain ways and you have a nice little landscape scene.  

Urban Renewal

I'll be teaching the snippets technique  again, this time in  Kona,  after I get back from three weeks on the mainland.  And here in the studio as well.

Endless Summer

I made one more stained glass sunset, this time with a surfer, for my San Diego surfer daughter, who came to visit here recently. 

And to celebrate their upcoming wedding, my cousin Jude and her partner Marra will be getting this little portrait. Don't tell them, though. I'll see them next week in Ohio and present it then. Luckily no one in my family reads my blog so it will be a surprise.
This is not the final binding. I added a border and bound it in various purple yarns, but I'm too lazy to take another photo, so if they DO see this, they still won't see the final piece
One more day with the plein aire painters tomorrow, then I fly out to California, to see family and friends and make art with grand daughters, then to a family reunion in Ohio. If you want to touch bases in San Francisco, Sacramento or Chico areas, give me a call.

And, don't forget, we have a SAQA meeting in my studio Sept 7. And a photoshop retreat in February - check out our new SAQA Hawaii blog for details.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New faces

Well, at least interpreted a bit differently
 Playing with new media is a challenge, and lets you see things in a new light. I was going to create Yitzhak Perelman's face dreamily playing his violin in my usual collage technique, but while I was in Mary Pal's workshop in Santa Fe  I got inspired to make him in cheesecloth. Here he is. And  even more respect for Mary's control of this medium!

The old lady was her class project. The cheesecloth is soaked
in glue then mooshed around to form it into values.


                                                      Still playing with collaged faces, I decided to go for a pop art sort of    look for Deborah. My sister has a good sense of humor so I don't think she'll mind.

A  few detours just for fun. I taught a class in polymer clay last week. Beads and buttons and flowers and mixed media embellishments  bring back memories of jewelry making years ago, although I still do dabble in seed beed weaving, knitting etc. we had fun. I'll probably explore this medium more as well'


Another heavily textured fantasy piece is now done as well. "Shrooms " is pure playtime too, since I need to use  my huge collections of   fancy threads, yarns, dyed cheesecloth,  laces, angelina fibers, novelty fabrics, lames, and hand dyes

And then back to the family album. I am working on Alani with one of her three boxers. A rare glimpse here into a work in progresss, to show how these evolve. The first layers are  collaged here, with lots of bits and pieces sure to be added, and then the whole thing to be thread painted. I guess the portraits are my main "voice,", but, then, I think we can be multilingual, so I am working on another stained glass piece, another textured piece, and even a randomly pieced abstract. Don't fence me in!
Lots of visitors recently, so I was not in my studio much, so haven't posted in awhile

For my painter friends, this is my oil painting of one of my favorite local sites, Laupahoehoe Point.  I definitely want to get out and paint more too.
I do get to stay on the island for the next month and a half, so maybe I will get to work on that stack of ideas in my sketch books?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Expanding Horizons
My friend Kris Sazaki, center, will be the next president of SAQA. This organization is going to fly!! and  Jennifer Day on the right  here is both supporting SAQA in so many ways, and garnering all sorts o f honors for her own work. Proud to call her a friend, - and wish she was still in Hawaii!
Kristina is moving to Hawaii, yay! Carol Larson on the right
 That was the title of the recent SAQA conference I attended in Santa Fe, and boy was it aptly named. Now that we're generating some enthusisasm , and great ideas, for SAQA in Hawaii it was so exciting to spend a day conferencing with reps from so mnay other regions and seeing what , and especially how, they went about doing to make educational programs, business advice, artistic development  and exhibitions possible for the members in their region. So much to learn!
 A strong  emphasis on networking led to some great new friendships, and meeting so many of my "virtual" friends in person.
 This continued with the workshops on finding your voice as an artist, marketing, social media, why quilts matter, art in Santa Fe, and so many sharing their ideas, experiences, opinions, and even small pieces of art that many of us  created and donated that that were auctioned off at a gala event complete with colored boas and neon bracelets for all. (And the little art pieces sold like hotcakes, a great fundraiser for the organization.)
 Then I got to take a workshop from one of my personal idols, the extremely talented, and incredibly sweet Mary Pal. . Check out her incredible cheesecloth sculptured work at www.marypaldesigns.com
 And Santa Fe itself has the most amazing artwork, museums, galleries, restaurants and such tempting clothes and jewelry and shoes all with its characteristic southwestern  artistic flair. Irresistible, totally irresistible..
 Tlo those of you who have joined us in SAQA in Hawaii, thank you, _ and congratulations! Such a resource for us all.
on of several tables at the  art auction
the conference hotel
The irrepressible Mary Pal demonstrates her technique

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's been a busy month. Starting with as week of wilderness medical adventure,  then another
stained glass class in Kona and another  class,  on how to quilt a portrait,

Donna adapted my pattern
Two members of the class showeed us their finished pieces

 followed immediately by a visit from the irrepressible Amber and her delightful husband Dave,
Amber enjoying sunshine and

 we scouted out lots of great sites for the plein air painting retreat I'll be hosting in September here. Amber will be your California contact, and she'll have lots of photos to show you.

Sunday's SAQA Hawaii meeting was a terrific kickoff for our activities here.  Amid lots of great conversation, sharing, eating, tromping around the yard and my little rainforest stream and waterfalls, we had lots of great ideas from the 28 people who were here in person, by computer and by phone. I will be sending out email blasts about our members, our activities, our projects etc. We will be having workshops of topics of interest to the members, starting with photoshop, and plan quarterly meetings. I hope to be bringing our message and recruiting in Oahu soon as well. Stay tuned for details of our upcoming show

look at this!

Mary has completed her third stained glass piece studying with me at the studio.

Kathleen Kastles is a member from Maui. She couldn't make this meeting 

Paulette will be teaching her design in Kona

A family story
I finallky got to seeMartha Sielman's new People asnd Portraits Book. In fact, after ordering from everywhere, I now have four copies! Anyone need one? I have two pieces in the book. Lovebirds 3 (Joy) has a full page, masking this the fourth time its's been published
 Meanwhile I have a group of fabric postcards to get done today, since I leave for California tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see the kids. I hope they like the new zoo quilts a made them!Then next week it's on to Santa Fe for the SAQA retreat. I hope to get lots of ideas to bring back to our Hawaii division.

Then, my sister and her partner arrive. More touring! And I will be teaching again at Quilt Passions: Snippets, my way, and more portraits, free motion portrait quilting, and quilts from photos. Check their schedule for which classes are when. I'll be teaching on Friday May 10th and Thursday and  Friday  May 23 and 24  Also planned, painting lessons at my studio, beginning mid May .Let me know if you are interested.

And, hopefully, I will get to the myriad of unfinished and planned projects in between. It's all good.
As for the rest of the world, the mottos from my younger more activist days still ring true: keep the faith, work for peace and stay strong. Aloha/Shalom

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More portraits and news

Most important, and I'll get to it in a minute, is the upcoming Hawaii SAQA meeting.
From my students
Before I do, I want to commend everyone who took my latest portrait class, excellent pieces are coming along. Check out four of them here, with the actual Paulette holding up her self portrait. There will be a followup class on how to quilt these portraits this week or next, check with Quilt Passions in Kona.

Speaking of portraits, my friend Kristina and I went to Esterita Austin's portrait class, and Kristina made one her way. Interesting approach using only one hand dyed fabric and adding most of the details with paint. Ultimately I decided to stick with my own methods but it was interesting to see another way which has created many excellent portraits ass you can see on her website.

My method basically consists of a few base layers, then bit after bit of little fabric pieces added like daubs of paint, then quilting lines added

original Marc

after fusing


My Lovebirds quilt appears in a new book, Art Quilt Portfolio:People and Portraits, by Martha Sielman, available right now from Amazon at about $8.29   less than half the list price. It's a beautiful book, by all accounts

                                                                                    Here's the cover
And mine. At least I think this is the one of mine in the book. Haven't received my copy yet

My Princeton Tank house can be seen May 2--5 in the Denver National Quilt Festival
Princeton Tank House

Pelican Express
Along with Pelican Express, which will also be shown at the Long Beach IQA Quilt show in West Coast Wonders

along with Tributary. The West Coast Wonders show will then continue on to Houston IQA and beyond with the travelling exhibit

Early Tablet (not shown here, by request of SAQA) will be in Houston as well, part of the SAQA Text Messaging Exhibit


Last Rays

 And Opake will be going to the SAQA Auction

Back to local events, I will be teaching stained glass quilts again at Quilt Passions in Kona and will have a pattern for Last Rays, shown here, or your own pattern

I'm looking forward to the SAQA yearly retreat in Santa Fe st the end of the month, but before that, we will be having our first HAWAII SAQA  meeting here at my studio on April 14. All interested parties are invited, member or not, and you are welcome to bring some work to share, something you need help with, or as USB stick with photos of your work, as many of our members on other islands will be joining us via internet, If you want to attend that way too, email me and I'll tell you how to join in. We will meet and get to know each other, and try some creativity exercises that should be fun and illuminating. We will share some creative techniques as well. If you feel so inclined, snacks are always welcome.. I will have lots of SAQA and other books to peruse and a short slide show about SAQA.

APRIL 14 11 AM  call or email for directions