Sunday, May 17, 2009

new additions (quilts, paintings, and a baby!)

That was the week that was, and it was so good!
A great time in Ferndale, terrific food, fun teacher (I highly recommend time spent with Pam Holland, whether you do her technique or not. I found my own portrait technique worked better for me, but it was great working surrounded by others making art and she is so entertaining). Best of all, spending time with friends at Eva's (and gourmet meals by her in-house chefs).
Then along came Maia, healthy and cute, good work Hadas and Terence.

Before I went, I did finish my quilted pelicans. They followed the one I painted in oils.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where are they now?

No, not anyone famous, and not my kids (I think know where they are), just my artwork.

Currently travelling in Hands All Around international show is Pursuit of La Paloma, (on the right here) part of my tribute to classic artists series. Most of you know the backstory here. Although the piece has been published in a national magazine, is travelling in a prestigious show, it was totally ignored by the judges at the local county fair, who awarded ribbons to premade panels, kits, anything! We are all still laughing about that ,except for my poor friend Mary who insisted I enter it. Mary, it's OK- it makes for a hilarious story!

Meanwhile, back at the gallery. Currently showing are It's a Bloomin' Iris, (shown at right) and Sages, (second down on the right) using monoprints from my Joan Schultze class.

About to go up is Sunset Trees (right), a blue ribbon winner at Denver National, Chinese Landscape (below, right), shown at Road to California and other places and various small pieces, so you still have to go over and look.
The Kenya Women raffle quilt will be hanging at Avenue 9 gallery until May 29- get yer tickets now, folks.. And don't miss our opening on May 15 even though I myself will miss it this time).

I have an oil painting at the Chico Art Center current show, Marshes, from Autumn in New England series (painted in Boston).

Finally, I'll be teaching a workshop on making an art quilt from a photo, which will deal with creating a composition, making a line pattern, and getting the effects you want as well as the techniques of actually creating the quilt.
Enough for now. Tomorrow it's off to Quilter's Escape in Ferndale.
And that baby- still not here. Guess she's waiting for Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009, women of Kenya quilt

Several friends helped me make this quilt that will be raffled off for an organization that enables young women in Kenya to attend school, avoid marriage at age 12, have some hope for the future. It will be raffled off on May 30. Tickets for the raffle are available online at The organization provided fabric from Kenya that we used, and Jean Denney found lots of shiny bits for their jewelry! Thanks, Fran, Kristina, Dee, Mary, Gail, Jean, for answering the call.
Meanwhile I'm hard at work getting pieces done for the gallery (Avenue 9 gallery in Chico), and for our guild show in October where I'll be "featured quilter", which means I'd better get on the ball.
Meanwhile we are waiting for grandchild number two who was due yesterday but evidently doesn't read obstetrical charts...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Before I tell anyone about this blog, I'll start getting some pictures of my work gradually loaded up. (Why else would you be here? To hear my thoughts on politics or something?) So, in no particular order, although I might try to give some estimate of when things were done:
This is the quilt we made for Congregation Beth Israel. It's about 12 feet high. The photo of us making it in my studio is the label. It was finished in time for Rosh Hashonah last September (2008). Although it is our own pattern, it is clearly based on Chagall's stained glass 12 tribe windows.
It hangs in the synagogue.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hi, friends and fans I'm finally ready for digital self promotion (aka strutting my stuff). Until I get to the website phase, I'll be putting photos up here and getting some information about where to see my stuff in shows and what workshops I have available.
Now to get a picture of my work to show you.
This quilt, Yosemite was made for my son and his wife, avid hikers and fans of Yosemite National Park. It is raw edge applique and is most definitely not for sale!
Now that I have the hang of this, I'll start getting more photos up, and more about my artwork..
Stop me if I start telling you what I had for breakfast.....