Wednesday, November 25, 2009

portrait class

Happy Thanksgiving! Lots of happy faces and amazement in last week's class. Some faces of family, some animals, but they all went together easily. We also explored using photoshop, and my favorite image manipulations, to make the patterns, then explored values to put them together. Here's a photo of most of the final (mostly prior to quilting) tops (I think one dog snuck out before pictures).
Just one oil painting to show you this time, since I've been travelling so much, but I thought I'd better get this published.
Now off to see the kids for Thanksgiving number two!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I guess that's what we call it when we try new techniques, streamline old processes, and generally spend a lot of time fooling around with photoshop to generate new ideas, That and a lot of travelling lately haven't been conducive to many new finished works, though I'll show a few paintings tomorrow when they dry enough.
This week is the class at Honey Run. Seems like a lot of students are interested in doing their pets, so i have a few petworks for you today.
Of course, if you want my "fur and feathers" class, you can check out the various birds (penguins, pelicans, eagles, parrots, etc) that have shown up in previous blog posts
Lots of ideas percolating. Now I need studio time, transfer play to finished work