Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Lovebirds, and more trees

Well some people have photo albums of their families, some paint pictures. I do both, but am slowly producing a textile art album of everyone as well. This one is Terence and Hadas with their first newborn, called Lovebirds, Three, of course, and also in line with our Textile Abstractions group's word of the month, "joy." Check out that blog too to see how everyone has interpreted the theme.No joy greater than a new baby, and beaming parents, but also joy in creating these family portraits. It's kind of funny that I enjoy painting portraits on canvas in oil or watercolor, but for my fabric portraits I usually prefer to collage hundreds of tiny commercial prints and accent with lots of different threads rather than paint a portrait on fabric, although of course I've done many of those too.

The other new piece is another tree- that seems to be an ongoing theme  for me as well, and using lots of yarms, threads and embellishments is also pure joy.The next California Fiber Artists shows will be coming up soon.  This one may be right for the one themed Text or Texture

Nancy M finished her cute dog that she did in my class. Here it is and it's wonderful

Lots going on at the design wall. Some waiting for a sleeve, some for more collage, some are up there to spark another idea. Not very organized looking, but it is the way I think, artistically at least. Now for the usual post project studio tidying up- so I can see what else I'm working on!

                                                    We'll be showing Eva Henneberry's quilts at Avenue 9 Gallery Oct 15-for two weeks. Please come see. They will be priced to sell.And if you are going to PIQF, look for my quilts, Lovebirds, and Sfat, and if you see me with my bright red curly hair- say hi!